Call for Papers / Participation

From February 25th 2009 to February 27th 2009 (Wednesday til Friday) the 11th German Perl Workshop will take place in Frankfurt am Main at the "House of the Youth" ("Haus der Jugend"). The Workshop targets all serious Perl users.

Our Workshop is in need of your talk. Usually talks are 5, 20 or 40 minutes long. All topics which have to do with Perl or anything concerning Perl in any way could possibly be of interest for a talk at the Workshop.

You have just got a vague idea for a topic at the moment? That's no problem: generally speaking, we are interested in all topics, which have to do with Perl in any way. Contact us early in case of doubt (wsorga@perl We will gladly support you with narrowing in on a vague topic.

All talks will be held in the plenum. Additionally to the regular talks there will be two-to-three half-day-tutorials dedicated to a bigger topic; we also welcome suggestions for these. The language of the conference is German, but you can talk in English if German is not your native tongue.

Please send us an abstract on your suggested talk until October 27th 2008. You can propose more than one topic if you like to. Your abstract should be approximately 2000 characters long (that's approx. 30 lines at 72 columns) and it should illuminate the topic of your talk. Start with a notion of what it is that makes your approach to the topic unique and why Perl is particularly useful in this context.

For submitting the talk please register on out Perlworkshop website and use the form at My Workshop / My talks / Submit new talk .

Your audience primarily consists of experienced Perl users. This has traditionally been the setting of the workshop. This year's premises allow us to let in less experienced users as well. Talks should focus on technology; however, they don't have to, if you prefer to do otherwise. At best we should be able to gain practical suggestions for use in our own work with Perl from your contribution.

Lightning Talks (5 minutes)

One afternoon of the Workshops will again be reserved for "Lightning Talks". Particularly people, who do not feel like holding a longish lecture can make a contribution to the Workshop and try their first appearance as a speaker.

Likewise, talks on the topic of "my favoured module" go here, where you present what's interesting, useful or not too well-known about the Perl module of your choice.

Short talks (20 minutes)

20 minutes time to talk and another 5 minutes for questions and answers afterwards. Short lectures are a good way to present the conception of projects, for instance.

Long talks (40 minutes)

40 minutes time to talk and another 5 minutes for questions and answers afterwards. Long talks should concentrate on one or two particularly interesting technical aspects of the topic.

Printed conference proceedings/CD

We produce a printed conference proceedings as well as a CD-ROM with the contributions of the current workshop and those of all workshops of the past. Therefore we need a written elaboration of your talk(s) and your written agreement for the publication in the conference materials [and on the Web].


Until Monday, October 27th 2008, we accept your suggestions for talks. We will give you feedback on Sunday November 16th 2008 the latest. The written elaboration of an accepted talk must be in the latest Wednesday January 14th 2009 for it to be included in to the printed conference volume and the CD.

An extended dead line applies to short talks on "work in progress". Those need to be in by mid-February 2009.

In case of doubt, email us the sooner the better (wsorga@perl in order to ask questions or clarify ambiguities.

Unverbindliche Themenvorschläge

Als Anregung (nicht als Ausschlussliste!) bieten wir hier eine Reihe von stichwortartigen Anregungen zu Themenbereichen, zu denen wir uns interessante Vorträge oder Tutorials vorstellen können:

Weitere Themen, zu denen wir uns interessante Vorträge vorstellen können (ohne Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit):